Newman Award

The Henry Newman award is presented each year to the author of the best paper dealing with clinical neurology.

The honorarium for the Newman Award is $500.00. In addition, the Award winners are provided one night's complimentary lodging for the annual meeting and invited to the SFNS Annual Dinner.


Newman Award Recipients

Dr. Prashanth Sriram Ramachandran, UCSF Neurology fellow

Improving Tuberculous Meningitis Diagnostics - A Combined Host and Pathogen Classifier
UC San Francisco
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Allen Ho, MD

Predictors of Cervical Vertebral and Carotid Artery Dissection during Blunt Trauma: Experience in a Level 1 Trauma Center
Stanford University

Sara C. LaHue, MD

Association Between Inpatient Delirium & Hospital Readmission

Jonathon “JP” Parker, MD, PhD

Focused Ultrasound as a Cost-Effective Alternative to Deep Brain Stimulation and Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Essential Tumor

Maggie Waung

Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5: A target for migraine therapy

Terry Burns, MD, PhD

Transcriptome of Human Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Bioinformatic Critique of Twenty-two Preclinical models

Melanie Hayden Gephart

Single Cell Exome Sequencing Reveals Genome Diversity Within a Child's Medulloblastoma

Kai Miller

How Context Influences the Physiology of Perception

Waimei Tai, MD

Lipoprotein associated –phospholipase A2 Activity Level Is a Promising Serum Marker for Acute Brain Ischemia
Stanford University

Jeffrey M. Gelfand, MD

Vitamin D in African-Americans with MS
Department of Neurology, UCSF Multiple Sclerosis Center, 2011 American Academy of Neurology Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Edwards F. Chang, MD

Emergent Categorical Representation of Phonetic Objects in the Human Superior Temporal Gyrus
UCSF & UC Berkeley

Jeffrey M. Gelfand, MD

UCSF Department of Neurology

Ellen Mowry, MD

Multiple Sclerosis Onset Location Predicts the Location of Subsequent Relapses
Multiple Sclerosis Center, UCSF


Additional Young Investigator Awards:

Edwin Boldrey Award

John Hanbery Award

Harold Rosegay Award

Henry Newman

Henry Wise Newman, MD

Henry Wise Newman MD (1907-1959)

Henry Wise Newman, M.D. was one of Stanford School of Medicine's first neurologists. He descended from a Fresno family of vintners, rose to full Commander in the U. S. Navy, and continued as a consultant once a week to the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital. A compact man with a wry sense of humor, he was a shrewd diagnostician and compassionate clinician.

He had many interests besides neurology, including sailing and restoring antique cars (his death occurred from a ruptured aortic aneurysm, while pushing one of these cars).

He left an indelible impression on those who worked with him, and he influenced many careers. His former Stanford colleague, Wm. Hofmann, M.D., remembers him as "a pleasant mixture of Robert Benchley and W. C. Fields, and the likes of him are today nowhere to be found".